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July, 2004
I purchased a JDS Quick Measure at The Big Reno Show in 2003 and highly recommend it for anyone involved in precision hand loading. Not only is it the most accurate measure I have used but it is the fastest and most convenient. I own two bench rest measures made by others and haven't touched them since I bought the
Darrell Holland
Master Riflesmith
President, Holland's Gunsmithing Inc.

February, 2012
The JDS Quick Measure is the only one I've ever tried that never cuts grains. That's its main design purpose. Everything else, including the Lee Perfect with its wiper, will do it at least sometimes. It's more trouble to set up, but I've never seen it drop a charge that was off by more than 0.2 grains even with long grain stick powders.

Rocky Raab replied 3 years, 5 months ago
For rifle loads, the JDS Quick Measure is simply the best there is - and it isn't priced like it. It absolutely cannot cut powder granules, because it doesn't use a rotating drum. It is also extremely accurate. When I'm assembling a thousand or so loads for my annual prairie dog shoot, that's my invariable choice of measures. I use an RCBS electronic dispenser for test loads, Lee dippers for ...

February, 2012
I have no problem with 800x in the Quick Measure. There isn't a stick powder it does not meter well. That's why I bought it. Seen it at a gun show in Tulsa and was quite surprised how well it threw various powders. I've been looking for a 'stick' solution and this way before the RCBS charge master came out.

Would not trade my measure away for love or money. Seriously.
Boolit Man

February, 2012
I am very happy with my Quick Measure. I tried a B&M and went back to the Quick Measure.
30/30 Guy

February, 2012
I met Tim Johnson at the Reno show and bought one of these. Fantastic!! He had it mounted to a Dillon which also impressed me. Tim will answer any questions, etc you may have. He is the designer.

They're not the cheapest, but they are accurate and very fast. I saw a head to head comparison Vs another big name and the JDS did vey well.

It is a different design, but it all makes sense when you see it. A lot of big name gunsmiths use this.
Good Luck!
Harrry J

January, 2012
The way it's designed it can't cut powder and is less than +/- .05 grain off on loads.

I have loaded over 500 rounds and was measuring every 3 round for the first 100 rounds before I 100% believed what I was seeing.

I was able to charge 100 .375 H&H rounds in less than 5 minutes. Using a balance beam and weighting/trickling each round, this would have taken me HOURS and made me slightly insane in the process.

The unit is made with nothing but quality parts and craftsmanship.

This has brought the fun back to reloading certain belted magnums that I use to hate to reload. It has EASILY cut my time down 75% for any given reloading session. This allows me to reload more and or shoot more without feeling like I had the reloading hanging over me.

I 100% recommend this product if you have a lot of rounds that to like to load stick powders for. (think 4895, 150 gr. Garand loads in bulk)

June 2012
Many Thanks for the great service. Your powder dispensing system is second to none, and I have tried all of them. I can through my loads quicker and more reliable than any electronic dispenser on the market.
Thank you and keep up the great work.
Peter Kelly

May 2013
I received the Quick Measure…impressed with the workmanship and must say that I cannot recall receiving anything packed so well. Thank you for filling my order swiftly.

June 2013
…I was convinced after talking to Tim Johnson to give it a whirl. I purchased his setup for a Dillon 550B progressive press. I'm impressed, I threw 30 42.5 charges of IMR4064 and weighed each one on my charge master, the results are as follows: 8 charges 42.5 gr, 12 charges 42.4 gr, 5 charges 42.7 gr, and 5 at 42.3 gr. I'm not related to Tim in any way. I'm posting because this thing works, if you shoot stick type powders and want to speed up your process, I highly recommend this powder measure, it frigging works.
Froggy - Snipershide

March 2014
I'm glad I got one of your slick little machines. It's just the kind of thing the government is going to decide it's too good and ban it!
Rod Schewchuk
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

June 2014
Thankfully received your package. Loaded 100 7mm RM rounds with it. Excellent powder throw consistency. Great product

October 2014
Well thank you! I really appreciate that (rebuild of powdermeasure). Your Quick Measure saves me literally hours in my reloading process. It's a great product.
Davison MINovember 2014
My order arrived today and I wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with your products.
The minute I opened the package, I could tell the quality of your items far surpasses any commercial competitors BY FAR!! (And I've tried, and stressed over several).
Was throwing sample loads inside of an hour, both ball and stick powders, and the operation of the Quick Measure is remarkable! Accuracy and overall operation exceeded all my expectations!
Thank you so very much for a spectacular product! I will spread the word to my friends and on internet forums.
Thank you, again!
Allen Drozs
Decatur IL