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A Powder Measure by Johnson Design Specialties

​Including 50 BMG Measure and Black Powder Measure

​Best Powder Measure

Quick Measure

Package Includes:
• 1 Setting Gauge

Price: $70.00

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ACCURATE -- The Setting Gauge can be used to accurately set the adjusting screw on all charge tubes prior to their installation into the Quick Measure. 1/10 of a grain is about six graduations on the dial (varies with powder type).

CONVENIENT -- This gauge is used to pre-set your charge tubes using the charge tube selection chart that we provide with our Quick Measure products. The supplied chart includes powder multipliers and instructions.

The gauge can be used to measure the setting of the adjustment screw once it has been set to a particular charge. This measurement can then be logged into a log book for future reference. Just insert the charge tube into the setting guage and adjust the screw until the dial indicator reads the correct length for the amount of powder to be dispensed.

QUALITY -- The main body of our Setting Gauge is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, then anodized to provide a hard, durable and long-lasting tool.

See our complete price list & printable order form

A Perfect Charge Every Time!

Setting Gauge