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A Powder Measure by Johnson Design Specialties

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Quick Measure

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Best Powder Measure for Stick Powder

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ACCURATE -- The Quick Measure is the best measure for accurate reloading than any other commercially available powder measure. This is the best powder measure for stick powder, like IMR4831 and 4350. Our special patented valve will not shear the powder. This eliminates the pack density problems in the powder reservoir, resulting in a more accurately dispensed charge. The powder is moved into a separate metering chamber, for measuring, eliminating the changing powder column height problems. With the small charge funnel is great for pistol reloading.

FAST -- The Quick Measure requires only one hand to operate. Just place the powder scale pan or funnel under the powder chamber, lift, pause while the powder chamber fills, then lower. An accurate charge is dispensed without time consuming weighing and trickling.

REMOVABLE TUBES -- Each charge tube, once adjusted, can be locked to the charge. These tubes can also be removed and later reinstalled. This saves you time, since the measure does not have to be readjusted. Each Quick Measure comes complete with five accessory tubes, which handle powders from 28 to 85 grains. Additional tubes are available for powders up to 132 grains. For pistols powders from 1.7 to 28 grains use one of the small charge funnels.
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QUALITY -- All of the main valve parts are machined from solid brass. The main body is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, then anodized to provide a slick surface which promotes consistent powder flow. Each Quick Measure is tested at the factory.QUICK CHARGING -- The Quick Measure can be used unmounted with a specially designed funnel for charging directly into the empty cartridge case.

See our complete price list & printable order form

Quick Measure

Shown With Optional  QM Stand

Package Includes:
• Quick Measure
• Charge Tubes A to E
• Special Powder funnel

Price: $200.00

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