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A Powder Measure by Johnson Design Specialties

​Including 50 BMG Measure and Black Powder Measure

​Best Powder Measure

Quick Measure

Progressive Press Reloading

Use The Quick Measure With Your Current Reloading Press

Adpater pictured on Dillon press, not included. Quick Measure sold separately.

Package Includes:
• 7/8-14 mounting die
• Mounting bracket
• Vertical adjust sleeve
• Cartridge length sleeves
• Drop tube (your choice)
• Funnel of your choice

Price: $225.00

WA residents add 8.6% tax

problems related to dumping powders with the existing powder measures used 0n progressive reloading equipment and related reloading products.

The Quick Measure employs the use of interchangeable charge tubes to allow for quick changes in powder charges (30 seconds is typical). It also will allow for the use of long extruded powders like 4831 and 4350. With our innovative bridge breaker, any bridging of powder will be easily alleviated without causing the typical mess. The adapter assembly includes a 7/8-14 thread mounting die, mounting bracket with vertical adjustment sleeve, three sleeves to adjust for cartridge length, a set of drop tubes for one caliber range and one funnel of your choice.

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The floating funnels are available at $45.00 ea.
Small Charge Funnel: charges from 3 to 28 gr.
Standard Funnel: charges from 28 grains to 120 gr.

The drop tubes are available at $30.00 each:
Small: 17 to 20 caliber
Medium: 22 to 243 caliber
Large: all calibers above 243

Extra die bodies are available for $25.00 each

Bridges Breaker are available for $ 5.00 each

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This assembly will allow you to mount the popular Quick Measure on any progressive reloading press that uses the standard 7/8-14 thread. This solves several

Progressive Adapter Mounting Assembly