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A Powder Measure by Johnson Design Specialties

ā€‹Including 50 BMG Measure and Black Powder Measure

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Quick Measure

PA Accessories

Progressive Standard Funnel - This funnel is used with all Charge Tubes and will allow for charges from 16 to 132 grains. Part # PFNL

Progressive Adapter Small Charge Funnel.- This Small Charge Funnel is used with Charge Tube A and is adjustable from 3 to 30 grains. This product extends the range of the Quick Measure down into pistol and varmint cartridge ranges. Part # PSCFNL

Progressive Adapter Die Body - This die body is for your extra tool heads to speed up moving the Quick Measure from one head to another. Part # PDB

Progressive Adapter Drop Tube Small- This drop tube is used when loading 17 and 20 caliber cases. Part # PDTS

Progressive Adapter Drop Tube Medium- This drop tube is used when loading 22 and 243 caliber cases. Part # PDTM

Progressive Adapter Drop Tube Large- This drop tube is used when loading 25 caliber and up cases. Part # PDTL

Bridge Breaker. This chain eliminates powder bridging is a must when using stick powders in cases with small necks like 17, 20, 22 and 243 calibers. It moves up thru the powder stream as the powder flows down thru the funnel and drop tube and eliminates powder bridging (jams).

Progressive Adapter Mount Accessories