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A Powder Measure by Johnson Design Specialties

​Including 50 BMG Measure and Black Powder Measure

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Quick Measure

The Quick Measure Story

• Accuracy within 0.2 of a grain (even with powders like 4831)
• Would not cut powder
• Easy to change charge settings
• No need to weigh and trickle each load
• The ability to dispense powder directly into each case
• A consistent powder charge as powder in the reservoir is being depleted

The measure needed a valve system that would not cut powder. This was achieved by using a spring that is strong enough to close the valve, but not strong enough to cut the powder. The powder flows horizontally to enter the metering chamber. This horizontal flow works like a powder baffle eliminating inconsistencies in the charges due to changes in the height of powder in the reservoir.

It seemed desirable to be able to use the measure mounted on a stand for dispensing into a powder pan for weighing on a scale OR un-mounted in the hand for dispensing directly into the cartridges in the loading block. To do this a special funnel was designed.

Interchangeable charge tubes were designed that are individually adjustable and easily changed without tools. These tubes can be preset and changed without the time consuming weighing and adjusting like other measures.

A Setting Gauge has been added to the list of accessories. The setting gauge is used for measuring and recording the position of the adjusting screw and for pre-setting these tubes to a previous charge setting. This gauge employs a precision dial indicator to return the adjusting screw accurately to a pre-recorded position. Each graduation on the dial relates to a few kernels of powder. A chart is included with each Setting Gauge to help with quickly arriving at a setting for different powders. If a powder is not listed, a method for calculating a multiplier for your specific powder is provided.

The Bench Rest Combo pack has been developed due to suggestions from competitive shooters. It contains everything needed to dispense an accurate powder charge: a Quick Measure, powder funnel, setting gauge, 6 charge tubes and ball driver all packed in a custom fit travel case.

by Tim Johnson, Quick Measure designer

In the early 1970's, I purchased 100 pounds of 4831 and soon discovered an accurate powder measure to dispense this type of powder did not exist. Designing one that would satisfy my needs seemed the best option.


The main problem with all powder measures is that they cut powder. Each time a powder measure cuts a kernel of powder it shakes, settling the powder in the reservoir. It settles a little differently each time causing inconsistent charges.

I decided my powder measure should have the following features: