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Quick Measure Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Quick Measure load small charges for pistol?

A: With our Small Charge Funnels and the A tube you can throw charges as low as three grains. With the small charge funnel AA set we can get you down to 1.8 grains.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: We take all major brands of credit cards. Just give us a call to place an order 509-464-0697.

Q: Can the Quick Measure be used with 17 and 20 caliber?

A: Yes: The standard funnel has plastic inserts that will adapt to 17 and 20 caliber, or you can order the metal Ultimate Funnel which uses caliber specific inserts. We make 25 different inserts starting with 17 caliber and go up to the 50BMG.

Q: Will your Quick Measure funnels work with the WSM, WSSM and Ultramag cases.

A: The standard funnel has plastic inserts that will adapt to these large cases or you can order the, all metal, Ultimate Funnel where all of the inserts will handle these large cases and all Ackley improved cases.

Q: How does the Quick Measure handle extruded powders like 4350 and 4831?

A: The Quick Measure was designed to handle all powders including long stick powders, flake powders and ball powders.

Q: Is the Quick Measure easily adjusted?

A: You can purchase extra tubes and set one for each of your pet loads and just exchange tubes to go from one charge to another (this takes about 5 seconds).Or once you have adjusted the charge tube to throw a pet charge you can remove it from the measure and insert it into the optional Setting Gauge. If you record this reading you can return the charge tube to this setting in a few seconds. This is a very accurate repeatable system.

Q: Will the Quick Measure system allow me to charge directly into the cartridge case?

A: Yes, you hold the special funnel (included with each measure) over the case (still in the loading block) and with the other hand lower the Quick Measure onto the operating button, hesitate for about one second, then lift to discharge the powder into the case. This system will charge 100 cases in about four minutes.

Q: Can the adjusting screw be locked in position once it has been adjusted?

A: We now provide a friction "O" ring which allows for adjusting but resists accidental movement of the screw.

Q: Can I mount the Quick Measure on a progressive reloading press?

A: We make a Progressive Adapter that will fit on any progressive press that has 7/8 X 14 threaded die holes. Look on our website under the tab "Progressive Adapter".

Q: Is their a dealer program?

A: We do have a dealer program. Just contact us for details.