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A Powder Measure by Johnson Design Specialties

​Including 50 BMG Measure and Black Powder Measure

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Quick Measure

Q: Does your Progressive Adapter mounting system have powder bridging problems?

A: No. By using the optional Bridge Breaker we have eliminated powder bridging even with long stick powders like 4831 or 4350 in small 22 caliber necks.

Q: Will I be restricted to using certain powders with the Quick Measure on my progressive press?

A: No, you may use all powders with the Quick Measure system including stick, flake and ball powders.

Q: Is it difficult to move the Quick Measure from one tool head to another?

A: No, loosen one setscrew, lift the Progressive Adapter, set it on the powder die on the next tool head and tighten the setscrew. This takes about 30 seconds (no need to purchase a separate powder measure for each tool head.

Q: Is it difficult to adjust the Quick Measure if I mount it on a progressive press?

A: No, with the interchangeable charge tubes just install another pre-adjusted charge tube and reset the measure height (this takes about 15 seconds) or remove the existing tube, reset the adjusting screw with the setting gauge and reset the height.

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